Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10 Secrets

I'm linking up with Nicole over at Dancing with Sunshine for the 10 Day You challenge!

Day One is Ten Secrets...


I enjoy "quiet time" alone.  As much as I love being with Tom, sometimes I like to close the door to my room and watch a little television or read.  I really like decompressing after a long day and sometimes it is just easier to do that alone.


Target is my weakness.  I could go to Target every single day and just walk around and look at everything.  It's almost like a competition for me...I like to see how inexpensive something can get before I'll buy it!


I have to have a made-up bed to be able to fall asleep.  Even if I haven't made it up all day, I have to tuck my sheets in before I get in the bed.  I like to be "snug as a bug."


I'm a really bad "sharer."  When somebody tries to help me in the kitchen, I just can't let them.  I get easily frustrated when I can't express exactly how I want something done and then I just get mad.  It's much easier if I just do it myself!


I am extremely indecisive!  It doesn't help that Tom doesn't want to make decisions because he doesn't want to make the wrong one!  We will discuss for HOURS what to have for dinner and then end up not doing anything because we just can't decide!


I think of Elli as my daughter.  I do not like spending time away from her or making her go in her kennel.  It really breaks my heart to think of her at home alone!


I get obsessed with TV shows!  My most recent obsession is True Blood...Tom and I are about four episodes behind for this season and we are trying to conserve them so that we aren't having to wait a week in between episodes!!


I am nervous about getting a job.  I got my first job because my mom was my boss and my second job "because I was pretty" (which is exactly why my previous employers said they gave me my job).  I just am not good with the whole applying, interviewing process...it really scares me!


When I was little, I used to make my sister dress up with me so that we could play Gone with the Wind or Little House on the Prairie.  And by little I mean middle school.  I had a very active imagination.


I seriously used to hate avocados because of their yucky consistency in pre-packaged guacamole.  But, Tom's family has introduced me to table-side made guacamole at their favorite Mexican restaurant and I find myself constantly craving it!  I guess because it hasn't been smushed into a messy pulp that I like it!!

Okay, some of these might not have been secrets but I had a hard time thinking of a lot!  Go check out Nicole's blog and play along!



Jen Watts said...

Ohhh I love guac!! Gone With the Wind dress up.. How cute!! I hope Carsyn wants to do that someday!

[SMASH] said...

Job interviews are like first dates really. You're just putting your best self out there and seeing what happens! [And now I want some guac!]

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