Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I love getting surprises!  This afternoon, I was surprised to wake up from a nap and find a GIANT box sitting in the living room that Tom's mom told me was for me!  While I knew that my dad was sending me some goodies, I didn't expect it to come in a box that weighed 8 lbs and was HUGE!!

Here are some of the goodies that my dad, his girlfriend Betsy, my uncle John, and Aunt Joni picked out and sent me!

Miss Jenny's pickles are locally made (near my hometown in NC) and are the best pickles I've ever had (besides the homemade ones that my dad and Poppop make)!!  If you ever come across them, the Salt and Pepper flavor are the best!

A cute little cover-up for around the pool!  I think I may trade out the leather lace-up for a rick-rack! Who doesn't love rick-rack?!

My load of goodies!  Two cards (with some $$ in them!), some sticks of gum and candies, Good n Plenty, Cheese Straws from Salem Kitchen (yum!), some new soap and lotion (which are amazing and I've already requested a big bottle (or 5) of the lotion), a cute journal (which I can write my blog ideas in!), my ring that I got for graduation that had been resized (but it's still too small), and some fluffy mints (which are also made in Lexington!).

Lastly, Dad sent me an Otter Box for my new iPhone! He works for AT&T so I'm so glad that they sell iPhone 4's too so that he could get me a case for it! I love anything free!  Plus, it's pink!! :-)
I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!!

P.S.  Tom is in Baltimore tonight and tomorrow morning for a job interview. Please keep your fingers crossed for him!! It would be a great birthday present if he got a job!! :-)


Kristine said...

Oh my gosh, I'm IN LOVE with pickles :)

Good luck to Tom!!

Chelsea said...

Your blog is just adorable! Getting little care packages is such a nice surprise! Everything that you got sounds so good, from the pickles to the soap and lotion :)

Kate as of Late said...

Aww what an awesome care package! I know you and your pickles! Haha
Good luck Tom! I prayed for him last night! Hopefully all works out!!!!

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