Monday, July 11, 2011

Start of Birthday Week!

My birthday is Sunday...yay!  I drive my family crazy by celebrating what I call "Birthday Week" I crazy or do other people do this too?? It's not like I want presents every day, although I will take them if you are willing, but I just like doing as many fun things as possible during my "Birthday Week."  When I was living at home it was just a ploy to get to choose what I wanted for dinner or what I wanted to watch on TV, but it has now morphed into a way to get me excited for my birthday.

Today is the best way to start my birthday week.  "Why," you ask??  Well, I'll tell you why!  

The Closer AND Rizzoli and Isles start their new seasons TONIGHT on TNT!!!  

I wait all year for these shows to start on TNT and they are my favorite things to watch during the summer!  

I have been watching The Closer ever since it orignially premiered on TNT and got hooked on Rizzoli and Isles last year when it started.

The Closer starts at 9 ET and Rizzoli and Isles starts at 10 ET...if you haven't watched these shows I would highly recommend them!  Especially since this is the last season of The Closer :(

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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Kate as of Late said...

Happy Birthday week loveeee! I miss you tons and wish I could spend it with you!!! <3 One year soon we will get to spend both our birthdays together, I'm sure of it!! <3

PS: I went to post this and as I went to type in the code to confirm it your blog COMPLETELY changed!!!!! I love love love love LOOOOOOOVE the pink!!!!!!
So cute!!! My jaw literally dropped and I outloud went "WOAH!" I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy.

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