Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monday's Style File Link-Up!

I'm going to try to have a link-up this week for my Monday's Style File!  I decided I would go ahead and post it early so that everyone could participate! I'm thinking about maybe doing a prize/drawing for something if I get enough participants, but I will let you know!  It would probably consist of a gift card to Starbucks (which I know we all love!) and maybe a little something else!

I wanted to start this link-up because I have files and files on my computer of pictures of celebrities in outfits that I want to try to copy and decided that if I did a link-up we could all share and find other outfits/style icons!!  Plus, I recently decided to use Pinterest to save all of my celebrity style pictures so that I don't have to use up space on my head over to Pinterest to see even more pictures!!

For this week's Style File, I'm going to feature Sarah Michelle Gellar!  I just love her easy everyday style and then how she gets very glamorous for her appearances!

Who is your go-to celebrity style icon??  Grab the button and link up!


[SMASH] said...

Just linked up for the first time! :)

Yes, SMG has great style! Very put together all the time!

MJ said...

I'm getting my post ready for Monday :)

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