Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just for Fun!

I found this survey over at Love from Texas and thought it would be something fun to do, especially for all of my new followers!  Maybe y'all will learn something new about me...

1. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?

I would love to know that I will live a purposeful life, full of happiness and joy and that my future children will have the same opportunities that I have been afforded.

2. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why?

Black Swan.  Even though it has been months since I have seen it, it was the last movie that really moved/disturbed/thrilled me (if you have seen it, you know that the movie makes you feel all of these!). If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend's definitely suspenseful and a psychological thriller but it is very good!  

3. What is your favorite TV show of all time--if you've seen them all, can watch it over and over and quote lines from it?

Without a doubt Friends is that show for me!  I constantly am re-watching seasons 1-10 and Tom and I constantly refer to it.  However, I am a TV on DVD addict so the runners-up are: The Closer, One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood (quickly becoming the new Friends in number of references), Glee, and the original Charlie's Angels.

4. What's your favorite way to wake up and what's the first thing you do?

I love waking up early on my own.  Now I'm not talking 6 AM early, but like 8:30ish.  I like getting an early start on the day but if I am awaken by an alarm clock or by someone else (ahem Tom) it just takes me so much longer to wake up and I'm usually sometimes grumpy!  After I wake up, I take my vitamins and medicine and drink a cup of coffee and have breakfast (which I have been skipping the coffee and breakfast lately...I think I have been paying for the lack of caffeine with headaches).

5. What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?

I actually love my name; although I am partial to Courtney Hill after 22 years! Dad wanted to name me either Desiree Latasha or Lydia and Mom wanted to name me either Courtney or Caroline.  You see who won that battle.  Hill is my mom's middle name, my grandmother's maiden name (now her middle name) and my great-grandmother's married last name.  When Tom and I get married, I am going to drop my last name to take his, but keep Courtney Hill because I just love that all of the women on my mom's side share that name.  If we are lucky enough to have a daughter in the future, I want to continue the tradition of giving her Hill as her middle name.

6. What's the worst/most embarrassing CD/album you've ever owned and do you still have it?

As much as it should embarrass me, I owned Spice Girl albums and Hanson albums (and went to both of their concerts).  However, I am not embarrassed by it because I absolutely loved them!!  Plus, don't you just get a smile on your face when "MmmmBop" or "Wannabe" comes on the radio??

I also had the Aqua cd with "Barbie Girl" on it...listened to it the other day (since I have loaded all of my music into iTunes forever ago) and realized how mature the lyrics to all of their songs are! Wow! I bought that cd when I was in like third grade!!

7. What would be your dream vehicle?

I always joke with Tom about how I want a "little car" for my next car but realize how impractical that is when I have a 60+ lb. dog! So my dream vehicle would be either an Equinox or Tahoe, preferably in black with tan interior.  A plus on my next car would be power seats, a sunroof, a CD player that was actually meant to come with the car, and heated seats (the Liberty is lacking these!).

8. What characteristics do you dislike in yourself?

I really need to work on having more patience! I seem to get frustrated very easily with things that I can't control in other people...I need to learn to just go with the flow!

9. Your favorite items of clothing and why?

My J. Crew jeans (white and regular), cowboy boots, Jack Rogers, and any fun t-shirt/tank!

10. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would it be and who would it be with?

I really, really want to go back to England (especially London) with Tom. When I went to England, Ireland, and Wales in high school, we only went for a week and that was not enough time to see three countries!!  I want to go back so bad!!  I also would like to go to Italy and day! 

11. What did you want to be when you were little and do you think you ever will be?

I played school with my sister every single day during the summer.  She was such a good sport (even when I failed her).  I still want to be a teacher and am trying to figure out the best way to get into the field since I don't have a teaching license!

12. What's the next planned event you're looking forward to in your life?

I really cannot wait to start planning our wedding!  Right now, though, its on the back-burner while Tom works at this internship with the Atlantic 10.  While it is a paid internship, it doesn't come with benefits and it would just be irresponsible for us to get married without having insurance!

13. What were you doing before you started this?

Watching Friends.

14. What was your favorite toy as a child...And now?

When I was little, I loved playing with Barbie Dolls and American Girl Dolls! I loved dressing them up and fixing their hair! I also loved dressing up and pretending to live in some other time period (favorites included Little House on the Prairie and Gone with the Wind).

Now, I love my iPhone, Nook (even though I am still trying to figure it all out!), computer, camera, "toys" have gotten more expensive!!  I love playing with my furbaby Elli...she is so much fun to go swimming with or play catch with!

15. When was the last time you cried laughing and why?

The other day listening to Tom laugh.  Tom has a normal guy's voice...low pitched, ya know?  But I kid you not, when he laughs it gets high and squeaky.  He does a "fake laugh" most of the time that matches his normal speaking voice, but when he is really laughing he switches to this high laugh.  It is the funniest thing I have ever witnessed.  He had his mom, brother, and me rolling on the floor laughing! OH, and he snorts, too!!

16. What is stashed under your bed/mattress?

Three bins of shoes, one bin of long-sleeved shirts, and apparently guns/ammo (remember, I'm living with Tom's family in their guest bedroom).  They kid that I have the safest room in the house, but I highly doubt that I could figure out which ammo goes in which gun and how in the world to load it!! (Although they did teach me to shoot over Christmas last year!)

17. What did you dream about last night?

I don't remember my dreams last night...I either have very vivid "movie dreams" (I really need to write them down...they would make great movies because they are so real) or I don't remember my dreams at all!

18. What are you really afraid of?

Losing people I love. Vomit (had a panic attack a few weeks ago when Trevor thought he was getting carsick while we were going through the Bay Bridge Tunnel).

Not two things you would usually group together!

I hope y'all learned something new about me! Feel free to use this if you want!!

Don't forget to link up with me for Monday's Style File!  I'm going to schedule it to post tomorrow night so y'all can get a full day to post!! :)

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