Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good News, Okay News, and New Shoes

Today, Tom and I fell back into our routine of going to the gym.  We spent the longest time there today, but I will update on that later in the week for another segment in my Gym Chronicles!

I was surprised today, though, to receive a check from my old apartment building.  Seriously y'all, I had written off getting ANY of our security deposit back!! We were missing blinds, had a broken toilet paper holder, and so much else!  I was surprised though to open it and find out that I had been reimbursed $292.50!! Especially since I'm pretty sure our original security deposit was only $200!!!  I'll take it!

For the okay news...the dermatologist called and left a message saying that they needed me to come back in so that they can take more cells from the mole that they removed.  Apparently the spot was "a-typical" but they stressed that they felt it was not cancerous/melanoma.  However, it could definitely have been pre-cancerous.  Unfortunately, when I called them back, they had already closed for the day.  I already have to go back to NC for a follow-up dentist appointment to get my night guard fitted near the end of July so I hope that I can schedule the dermatologist appointment for that trip just so I don't have to make two trips down there so close together.  I will definitely post more once I know it, but it sounds like it is just a precaution they are taking to make sure they get all of the a-typical cells.

Lastly, I got some cute new shoes today from Payless! I had seen these a few weeks ago, but forgot all about them and then randomly decided to check their website last night and saw that they were way on sale!!  So after the gym, Tom and I went out to Payless for me to try them on and I spent a whole $14 on two pairs of shoes total!!  I love a good deal!

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday!!


Kristine said...

Cute shoes!

Kate as of Late said...

... Please keep me posted girl about what's up with your appointments and such. I worry about you girl.

Congrats on the deposit! Kevin and I owed $500 haha

And oo! Those are too cute! I might have to run out and grab those yellow ones. Did you see anything cute in red? I have a few outfits that need a great pair of red shoes!! :)

Sara said...

I tried on those yellow ones, but alas my feet are too wide at the front part. Super cute tho! And yay for security deposits!! We got ours back last year when we moved out and the $$ came in very handy, especially since we did a ton of upgrades on our house last summer!

Krystal said...

I tried on the second pair yesterday! I sometimes forget how cute Payless can be!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well health-wise...

Those yellow striped sandals are so cute!

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