Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Recap

I had a great birthday! I want to thank y'all for all of the sweet birthday comments! They definitely made my day even better!! :)

I woke up yesterday morning and found the downstairs completely decorated for my birthday!

Trevor and Tom had woken up early just to decorate! They gave me strict instructions the night before that I was not to leave the room until one of them came and got me.

They told me that I had to open my presents first thing and I didn't put up too much of a fight about that!

Here are my goodies:

They obviously know me really well!! :)

For breakfast, Tom's parents made me Eggs Benedict!  It is, by far, my favorite breakfast that they cook!!  I ate it too fast to get a picture!

Tom asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I told him that all I wanted to do was to lay out by the pool and hang out with him.  He made sure that wish came true! We laid out by the pool after breakfast and then came inside so that Tom could watch the Mets game.  I twisted his arm and he agreed to play my new Scrabble game with Trevor and me!

While I drank Diet Coke out of my new cup, which is baby pink=love!:

Funny story: When I pulled this cup out of the gift bag, I got so excited! I have a brown one like this that Dad gave me for Christmas a few years ago and it is falling apart I used it so much! Plus, this one is pink so it is super cute!! Tom said that he would have never thought a cup would have been one of my favorite presents!

Elli must have known that it was her mommy's special day because not only did she come wake me up with Tom but she didn't leave my side and gave me lots of love!

{She loves letting me hold her like a baby!}

{Excuse no makeup!}
After a game of Scrabble it was time to shower and get ready for dinner!  Tom's family took all of us out to a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner to celebrate my birthday (which, thank goodness, they did not tell the restaurant about.  I do not do the whole singing in public mortifies me!).  It was so delicious!  I decided to get the vegetable plate, since that is my favorite part, and I stole some steak from Tom's plate and shrimp from Trevor's plate so that I could "taste everything"!

{Tom and me before dinner.  What you can't see is that I wore my new yellow/white wedges with this dress!}

These are the birthday cards that I have been given, so far, and I have them displayed on my book shelf in my room here:

{The card in the front left got ripped in half in the mail and I only received part of it :( }
I saw this cute idea on Pinterest that I need to start doing with all of the cards that I save (which is everything I get in the mail!) I could categorize them by each birthday, holiday, special occasion, etc.

The balloons that were on the little couch downstairs for me got moved up to my room.  Elli had a lot of fun bopping them off of her nose and playing with them, until she popped them with her paws!!  These are the balloons left over after she got ahold of a few of them!

I had a great 22nd birthday! Between all of the lovely calls, texts, e-mails, Facebook posts, and, of course, blog comments, I felt extremely loved and blessed!

Tom and I are headed back to my hometown this coming weekend for a few appointments (one is to take more of my mole off) as well as to celebrate my birthday with my family!  Mom is cooking me a special dinner and dad is taking me to brunch on Sunday!  I will definitely take pictures and do a special post when we get back!

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Kate as of Late said...

Aww! Tom and Trevor are so cute!! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! :)
Also, I love that birthday card idea!!! So cute!!!

Amanda said...

What a wonderful way to spend your birthday :)

maNda said...

glad you had a good birthday! i love the card book!!! def doing that for my old cards :)

the fish above the mantle made me lol. reminds me of home!

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh sweet! looks like a lovely birthday! seems like they really spoiled you, lucky girl!

Kristine said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you got treated well! I love eggs benny... definitely indulged in some last week :)

M@coffeeandkitsch said...

i love that birthday card idea! happy belated birthday btw!!

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