Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Little About Me!

Since I have some new followers I thought I would gear up for another round of the "ABC's of Me"!  I found this version over at Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink Oh My!

Current--To be the best daughter, sister, fiance, and woman that I can be and figure out what I want to do career-wise!
Future--To be the best daughter, sister, wife, and mother that I can be and be able to devote as much time to my family but still maintain good "me-time" too!

Bad Habit:
Biting my fingernails, not working out enough, not saving enough money...

Currently residing with my future in-laws in Chesapeake, VA
Future city--Who knows?? Hopefully, we'll start hearing something soon...

Diet Coke, Cheerwine, Sweet Tea, newest obsession is Vitamin Water Zero Squeezed (no calorie lemonade! genius!)


BA in History, minor in English Literature...if anyone knows of any career fields that this would work for, please let me know!!! :-)


loves- my mom's spaghetti (no one else's), cucumber sandwiches, homemade CHUNKY guacamole, Japanese food, sushi, yogurt with granola
hates- cottage cheese, peanut butter (hence the cucumber sandwiches, the only thing I would eat growing up!), Chinese food (besides PF Chang's)

Guilty Pleasure:
Reading books by the pool, shopping, browsing Pinterest, enjoying dessert!

Lexington, NC--BBQ capital of the world (or so they say!)

Ice Cream:
Ben and Jerry's Banana Split, Original Klondike bars


Jonesing For:
I want an iPhone maybe more than anything on this list! My Blackberry is not cutting it any longer! I also wouldn't mind: Tory Burch flats, a new computer (I love my MacBook, but my upper row of keys recently quit working and my "W" key is broken and requires me to SLAM my finger on it to type the letter!), Tom to get a job so we can figure out where in the world we are moving to!


Working out! but I am working to fix this since I am a recent new gym member!

People say I look like Sophia Bush...I'll take it! I've also gotten Ashley Greene...


Gone with the Wind
Black Swan
The King's Speech
Rear Window
North by Northwest
Singing in the Rain
Roman Holiday
Die Hard
Back to the Future
(can you tell I like movies...the list could last forever!)

ugghhh...this is a sore subject.  People at my last job would call me "Court" which irritated me because (1) my name is Courtney and (2) I'm not "buds" with you so don't call me by a shortened version of my name!
However, Tom calls me "darling" and "baby" and other "pet" names and I am just fine with that!
Maybe we should think of a GOOD nickname for me!! :-)

Obsessed with television shows on DVD! My room here does not have cable but I did bring my TV from the apartment so I can watch DVDs in here!  We recently just bought True Blood season 3 on DVD and are trying to catch up before the Season 4 premiere!!
Besides True Blood, I have all of the How I Met Your Mother, Friends, One Tree Hill (Seasons 1-5), The Closer, Charlie's Angels  (original Seasons 1-4), Reba, I Love Lucy (Season 1), Grey's Anatomy (Season 1), Royal Pains (Season 1), Glee (Season 1), Ghost Whisperer (Season 1), and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Seasons 6-7, random, I know but Netflix was taking WAY too long to mail them to me!!)
See, it is an obsession!!

Burberry London... I have tried others but this is my most favorite of all time and I am currently out! :-(


When I smile, my left eye gets squinty.  This happens when I am dead sober and gets worse if I is a dead giveaway how much I have had to drink based on how squinty my eye gets!
I am an obsessive couldn't tell it now based on the condition of my room, but it is driving me crazy!! I will have everything in a home by the end of this weekend!

Not going to Elon as a History major with a teaching license.  I am not 100% sure that teaching is what I want to do, but it would make my decision so much easier if I was just already licensed!  However, I stupidly went to Elon as pre-med, even though I hate/am bad at science! Ugh!

Oh man, do I ever love Starbucks! My favorite is a venti, non-fat Caramel Latte.  However, I sent Tom there one day to pick me one up while I was at work and the drive-thru lady said, "Well, you might as well just order water then!" How rude?? I'm sorry that I like skim milk as opposed to 2% or whole...don't advertise that you customize drinks if you get an attitude about it! Ugh...rant over!


Thrift Find of the Year:
Seven Jeans for $100 off, several Kate Spade bags on eBay for ridiculously cheap, some nice tops for Target for around $4 each...unfortunately my thrifting has not been up to par this year but once we get settled I am back in full force!

Elon University in Elon, NC...check it out, it is beautiful!


Normal vacations spots are Cherry Grove, SC, Wrightsville Beach, NC, and Blowing Rock, NC
However, my dream vacation spot would be to Bora Bora (it is the place you see in Couple's is sooooo beautiful!!) or out west somewhere.  I would also love to go back to England and venture to Italy and Greece...oh to travel the world!


I'm not a big wine/beer person but I recently found a wine I LOVE!!! It's Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio and runs about $20 a bottle...sooo good (maybe that will go on my birthday wishlist, too!!)


Don't we all have them? The only boyfriend that "matters" is my current one! (Well fiance now!)

21 years old...almost 22! Although I told Tom's mom today that I would not be turning 22, just celebrating the second anniversary of turning 21!

Being able to reflect nightly about what my day has been and what tomorrow has in store.  As silly as it sounds, I like making lists at night of what I want to accomplish for the next day so that I can see how much I have gotten done!

Whew! Sorry I got so long-winded!  I hope y'all learned something new about me! Feel free to "borrow" this and play along!  Make sure you let me know, so I can learn some new things about you guys too!!

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[SMASH] said...

I want [NEED] an iPhone too. Wow, Sophia Bush & Ashley Greene are GREAT ladies to be compared to. ;) Go girl!

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