Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Day!

Today, Tom and I have been running all over the place! This morning I had an eye appointment in Archdale.  The appointment was pretty uneventful; my prescription in my left eye changed but the doctor decided to not switch prescriptions in my glasses or contacts since my right eye is dominant.

After the appointment, we headed to High Point and ran into Target to pick up a few things.  Their cotton Champion workout tank tops were on sale so I grabbed one in a pretty royal blue.  I thought I would give it a shot; I am more partial to the duo-dry shirts (you know, the polyester-ish ones) but we'll just see! I couldn't pass up $7.99 workout shirts!


We had lunch at Panera, which was a special treat since the one in Virginia is far away from his house and we are never out that way.  I absolutely love their bagels and even though it was lunchtime I just had to have one!

After lunch we went to my dermatologist appointment.  Luckily, I only had to have one mole removed.  The doctor said it was a deep though so it hurts really bad!!  

Once we made it back to Lexington, we ran in to the local Vera Bradley retailer to check out the Hello Dahlia bags they had in stock.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the cosmetic bag in the pattern, but I did check out the large duffel as well as the tote that I want for my birthday (and took pictures on my ancient Blackberry and sent it to my mom so she would know exactly what I was looking for!).

Finally, we went to the drug store to stock up on circular Band-Aids, Neosporin, and Mederma for when the wound heals.  Since the mole was on my chest, the doctor told me that I was definitely going to have a scar but to take good care of it so that it heals smooth.  Tom has been a good "doctor" and is taking care of my new "boo-boo" and even treated me to an orangeaid from the lunch counter at our drugstore...soo yummy!! (I would post a picture of my new wound, but it might make y'all a little queasy!)

I had some good responses to my Style Icon post this morning, so I'm thinking that I will do a link-up next Monday for it.  Maybe I'll even do a giveaway tie-in with it if I get a certain amount of people to link-up! We'll see...make sure you comment and let me know if y'all would be interested in it!!

P.S. I added my Twitter feed to my blog page! Please follow me...I am trying to learn the ropes!

P.P.S. Michelle over at The Vintage Apple is doing an AMAZING Kate Spade giveaway! Pop over and check it out!!



Megan said...

Wow, y'all have been busy!! Panera sounds SO good right now! We don't have that. BOO!!

Caitlin C. said...

I love workout shirts, and for $7.99.. what a steal! :) And I loveeee Panera!

[SMASH] said...

Ouch, I hope your mole removal heals okay! XO

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