Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap!

This weekend Tom and I were swamped with last-minute school work, but we made a good effort to enjoy one of our last weekends of college.

Friday night, we had to run home to pick up my college announcements so that I could assemble them, address them, and mail them out this week.  On the way back to town, we decided just to head to school and grab dinner at the on-campus "sports bar" (not really a bar since they don't serve beer, but hey its college) where we can use up our surplus of meal plans.  After feasting on the oh-so-healthy grilled cheese on wheat bread (hey, at least I got wheat bread not white bread!) we headed back to the apartment to watch a movie.

We watched Black Swan that I had gotten from Netflix.  Oh my goodness, it was such a good movie.  We are a horror-movie loving couple, and this film had us on the edge of our seats for the entire movie.  It isn't a typical horror-movie, more of a psychological thriller, but it was SO GOOD.  On top of that, it was simply beautiful!  I highly recommend this film...I even hinted to Tom that we should get it for our collection of DVDs!
After we watched that, we decided to go to one of my favorite scary movies: The Hitcher.  I actually prefer this movie to the original (I have mixed feelings on remakes of traditional horror movies, some are hits and some are major misses)!  I just love Sophia Bush and I like that she doesn't play the damsel in distress in this film but the butt-kicker!

Saturday, Tom and I spent way too many hours doing work at school.  Like, seriously not even funny!  However, we have made major headway on papers/studying for finals which is really good!  That night we went to the steakhouse on campus (again to use up our meal plans, seriously, I get 5 a week but have managed to get 50+!! how does that happen?!).  It was a very good treat to get a steak for dinner!
We continued our trend of watching movies and chose the first two Mummy films.  How in the world had I never seen these before?! I LOVED them! And then to top the night off we watched the first Indiana Jones film, since The Mummy reminded me of it!

Sunday, we went to school again and spent eight hours doing work.  However, being the queen of multitasking, I smartly decided that while I was working on a paper, I could plug headphones in to the huge Mac desktops at school and watch a Netflix Instant View! Great decision! I chose to watch a show called "Harper's Island."  I want to know how I missed this show actually being on television!  It is a murder-mystery show that only lasted one season (not sure how it would have been made into multiple seasons, since almost everyone dies), but it definitely helped keep me motivated yesterday!

Last night, we finished off the Indiana Jones trilogy and just snacked around the apartment.  We are "trying" to eat all of the food in the apartment before we move (in less than a month!) and it is not working out so well!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  Wish me luck on my last day of school ever tomorrow!!


Kate as of Late said...

I have only been begging you to watch the Mummy movies forever! So good! Kevin and I have Black Swan but have been so busy with packing and showing our apartment that we haven't been able to sit down and watch a movie, but since you gave it such a good review that is on the list for soon!
Glad your last few weeks of school are going well! I miss you girl!!

[SMASH] said...

Glad you enjoyed Black Swan. That was my favorite movie from last year. I'm actually waiting for it via Netflix again to watch it. :)

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