Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Look and Weekend Happenings

As you can see, I have made another new layout for my blog.  As much as I really loved the colors of my previous design, it was really in your face.  I love the colors of my new blog and I might continue to do tweaks to it for a couple of days until it is perfect! :-) Tom had a couple of things to do at school this morning so I tagged along and was able to use Photoshop at school so that I could make a new design! Boy, oh boy, do I love Photoshop! I told Tom that when I get a new computer, I am definitely getting Photoshop, too! He agreed! Yay!


Thursday night, Tom and I watched Tangled.  Y'all, this movie is too cute! I have been very hesitant about the newer Disney movies because, let's face it, they are not nearly as good as the classics.  When I was little I was all about much so that I wore a Cinderella costume constantly--like to the grocery store.  I guess my mom decided to choose her battles with a four year old!! :-)  However, Tangled was amazing! Tom said the entire movie "I am so mad at that old woman for stealing that baby! She could have had such a good life at the castle with her parents!" It was so sweet!  That being said, I have already informed Tom that I want Tangled for my birthday this year!


Last night, we decided to rent The King's Speech and Little Fockers.  The King's Speech was probably one of the best movies that we have seen in a long time!  I can totally understand why Colin Firth won the Oscar for best actor, but Geoffrey Rush got robbed--his role was amazing and he should have won for best supporting actor!  After watching this film, I completely understand why it won for best motion picture!  I told Tom that I really like movies like was completely character driven.  There was no sex or violence, it was just a look at people and what makes them who they are! So good!


Little Fockers had some great laughs, although a somewhat predictable plot line.  It was very cute, though!  I definitely recommend this movie for a good night in!


I think we are going to try to run out to Redbox to rent No Strings Attached to watch tonight! I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!!

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Amanda @ New Adventures said...

I want to see Tangled really bad! Its look so cute :) Plus it reminds me of my princess days too!

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