Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation Weekend Recap Part Two!

So, Friday night after the receptions, we headed back to the apartment to keep packing and relax.  
We decided to go to dinner at Cafe Pasta in Greensboro with my mom, Mark, Mattie, my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and Tom's parents, brother, and his uncle and cousins.  
Dinner was so good and relaxed!! We had such a good time catching up and talking to everyone!!
Here are some pictures!!
Mattie and cousin Kelly

Tom and me

Cousin Kelly, Tom, and me

Mattie, Mark, Mom, and me (Way to ruin the picture Mattie)

Mattie, Mark, Mom, and me

Cute Mattie

Kelly, me, and Mattie

Funny story goes along with this: she has the BEST evil laugh...I will try to get the video up soon!

Mattie, Mark, mom, and me
Part Three coming soon!

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