Monday, May 2, 2011

10 years later...

In March of 2001, I was in sixth grade and my middle school music choir went up to New York City for our Spring trip and music concert.  Our repertoire for the trip was "God Bless America." We sang all songs glorying our country and singing its praises.

Fast forward six short months, and the idea of singing those songs in a city that was rocketed by terrorist attacks sent chills down my spine, and still does till this day.  I remember climbing the Empire State Building and looking over at the Twin Towers and longing to visit them, but I will never get the chance.

That day forever changed our lives.  It is the day in our generation like John F. Kennedy's assassination was for our parents' and our grandparents'.  Our kids will ask us, "Where were you mommy when the terrorists attacked us?"

Fortunately, they will know ask us "Where were you mommy when the United States stood up to terrorism and got the man responsible for the attacks?"

Today is a day I am reminded how proud I am to be an American.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! :)

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