Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Kennedy's Mini-Series


Have y'all seen The Kennedy's on Reelz?? I was a bit hesitant to watch the mini-series after I heard History Channel passed on it, but Tom and I watched it's Sunday night premiere and it was fantastic! I'm sure it is embellished quite a bit since there is so much that happened behind closed doors that we don't know about it, but the actors do such a great job recreating JFK, Bobby, and Jackie!
I think Katie Holmes is a spot-on Jackie Kennedy!!  I am looking forward to watching last night's episode when Tom and I get home tonight! You can blame my slight obsession with this topic on Elon...I took a John F. Kennedy Assassination class over the summer and now I am super paranoid about conspiracy theories! Ha! Thanks Elon!


Anonymous said...

I love this mini-series! Girl, I am hooked! Ever since the History Channel suddenly let it go and it was passed along through each popular channel, I've been dying to see it!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

I am a little obsessed with anything relating to the Kennedy's so I can't believe I missed this! I will have to look for reruns so I can catch up!! Love the blog- I'm now following :)

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