Thursday, April 28, 2011

It Was Time for a Change!

As you might have noticed, I finally braved HTML code and after searching endlessly around Google, I finally figured out how in the world to design my own blog layout.  Thank you ladies for all of the helpful hints you offered!  It is not perfect by any means, but I just feel so accomplished doing it on my own!

I have created a grab button, so if you feel so inclined, grab it and add it to your own blog!  I also added a section for a "what I'm reading." I'm hoping that as school is winding down, I will actually be able to pick up some books and actually enjoy reading again!  I have The Help sitting on my bedside table just waiting to be read!

Tomorrow, Tom and I are heading back up to Virginia to FINALLY pick up my furbaby! It has been three long weeks since I have seen her and this puppy momma misses her baby!  We have only heard good reports about her, both from Tom's parents as well as the kennel they boarded her at while we were in Florida (thank goodness!).  I'm excited to go up there so we can go swimming! I'm allergic to chlorine so most pools are out for me, but they have a salt water pool! It does involve minute traces of chlorine, but only when they have to "shock" the pool, which they have assured me they haven't had to do yet! So yay, pool time! Maybe I can get a little tan on this alabaster skin of mine!!

Have a great rest of the day!!

PS: Are y'all waking up early, early to watch the royal wedding?? I know I am!!


Anonymous said...

It looks great! You go girl! :)

[SMASH] said...

The new layout looks good -- nice and clean. I really regret not taking that HTML class back in high school, but I'm slowly learning things via Google now.

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