Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone Thinks She's Sneaky...

We refilled Elli's container of dog food this weekend (we use a gift wrap container for her food; it was skinnier than the dog food containers that Target had and was on clearance after Christmas last year, so hey-it works!) and little miss thought she could sneak some without us noticing...of course we have our priorities in order and had to document it and did not reprimand her! Plus, this was after she "shared" my Chick-fil-a lunch...let's just say after she licks my nuggets I am not going to eat them! Ha!

{Please ignore my awful laugh...but notice that she had to hoist herself up on her back legs and kind of just dangle there to reach her head into the container (Tom didn't get a good shot of that) and it was just cracking me up!! I could just see the container spilling at any second too!!}

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