Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outlet Shopping Recap and New Graduation Dress

A couple posts ago I wrote about how I ordered a dress for graduation. brought it down to me the other day before we went shopping and I just didn't like the way it fit.  So I decided that I would return it and we would look for another dress while we were at the outlets.

I lucked out! At Gap, I found this cute purple patterned silk-ish dress and I knew it was perfect!  I had actually tried it on in a turquoise color first, but ended up liking the purple one better--plus it was 40% off!! My kind of shopping!  I also found a mint colored sweater and a matching ribbed tank top, since it was a little see-through with a white or black tank top underneath.  Tom told me it was the color of mint-chocolate chip ice cream!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear my black patent leather Jack Rogers with it for graduation..what do you think??

When we got to the Ann Taylor Loft outlet, I knew we were in trouble!  I have stopped going to their normal retail stores, mainly because they always have the same things and the people that work at our local ones never go out of their way to help me (is my money not as good as other peoples? different story; I digress...).  But oh my goodness gracious, the people at the outlet are so friendly and helpful!  Mom, Mattie, and I all racked up on goodies!  I got this cute blue dress (40% off!), a pair of black pants (on sale for $19.99), a new pair of jeans (also $19.99!), a knit black dress, a cute purple sweater, and a beautiful necklace! I was so happy!  I don't know what it is, but the cut of everything there fit really Banana Republic and J. Crew it was weird--some things were way too big and others were way too small...all in the same size...weird, huh?

I promise this dress doesn't look like a tent was hard to get a picture of it, but the band definitely nips in at the waist!
Where are y'alls favorite places to shop for good deals? I honestly hate paying full retail for anything, so I always love hearing about people's bargaining skills!

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