Thursday, March 31, 2011

ABC's of Me

I've seen a couple of bloggers do this, so I thought I would give it a shot too!

A- Age: 21, legally old enough to drink (even though I have yet to find a wine and beer [other than Mike's Hard Dark Cherry Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade, but they aren't really beer...] that I like!)

B- Bed: Full, not nearly big enough! Definitely upgrading when we move out of the apartment!

C- Chore You Hate: Loading/Unloading the Dishwasher, Cleaning the Toilet (gag)

D- Dog: My sweet furbaby Elli

E- Essential Start To the Day: It should be coffee and breakfast, but I'm usually running late.  Truthfully, my weekdays start out with me waking up and finishing homework from the night before, jumping in the shower, and hurriedly getting ready and running out of the door!

F- Favorite Color: Teal, lavender, and blue--the whole apartment is basically teal with pops of coral, blue, and lavender

G- Gold or Silver: Silver all the way for nice jewelry, but sometimes gold is good for costume/fun jewelry

H- Height: 5'6"

I- Instruments You Play: I took piano for many years, but never learned to read music...I still remember how to play some songs though!  I also was in chamber singers in high school

J- Job Title: Recently "retired" waitress/bartender, student

K- Kids: Definitely want them once Tom and I have been good and married for a few years...we are all set with the furbaby for now!

L-Live: I live in the Piedmont-Triad of North Carolina outside of my small college town

M- My Mom's Name: Amy Hill...same middle name as me (Courtney Hill) and my grandmom (Angie Hill) and last name of my great-grandmom (Beulah 'Boots' Hill).  One of my children, hopefully a girl if I am lucky enough to have one will have the middle name "Hill" too!)
Boots when she was around my age
N- Nickname: Tom has pet-names for me like Baby, Darling, etc. but no real nicknames.  I actually hate it when people shorten my name to name is Courtney!

O- Overnight Hospital Stay: Does going to the Emergency Room and being there technically overnight  waiting count? If not, then none!

P- Pet Peeve: When people don't speak correctly, like saying "nothing" instead of "anything" etc. I really should be an English teacher!

Q- Quote from a Movie: "After all...tomorrow is another day." Gone With the Wind is my hands-down, favorite movie of all time!

R- Righty/Lefty: Right handed!

S- Sibling: One younger sister, Mattie Sue

T- Time You Wake Up: Weekdays around 8:30ish, weekends around 10:00--I need my beauty rest!

U- Underwear: Yes I wear it, thanks for checking!

V- Veggies You Dislike: Ummm...fennel, tastes like licorice even though I love licorice go figure.  But I love my veggies--the more the better! Mom used to do nights of just veggies for dinner and those were my favorite!

W- What Makes you Run Late: Not finishing my homework for the day, having to dry/straighten my hair, Elli having to go O-U-T (we spell things around her, she's that smart :-) ), getting up late, or just dragging my feet (can you tell I'm usually late??)

X- X-Rays You've Had: A bunch, obviously the dental x-rays, several on my feet, knees, shoulder, hand...I'm very accident prone but none of those x-rays actually resulted in a broken bone...go figure!

Y- Yummy Food You Make: Spaghetti, Stir-Fry, Shepherd's Pie, Macaroni Casserole, Pasta, Corn Chowder...

Z- Zoo Animal: Polar Bears...they are so cute and cuddly!

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm catching up on this a bit late in the game, but thought I would give it a go!

I'm loving that I'm almost done with college! A bit bittersweet, but so looking forward to the next phase in my life.

I'm loving watching DVDs of Friends to fall asleep to!  I have seen them so many times, but I still laugh out loud!

I'm loving these shoes from Old Navy! How cute would these be with my new white jeans??
I'm loving that the weather is *supposed* to be getting warmer this weekend...cross your fingers!!

I'm loving the Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix! Sooo yummy!

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outlet Shopping Recap and New Graduation Dress

A couple posts ago I wrote about how I ordered a dress for graduation. brought it down to me the other day before we went shopping and I just didn't like the way it fit.  So I decided that I would return it and we would look for another dress while we were at the outlets.

I lucked out! At Gap, I found this cute purple patterned silk-ish dress and I knew it was perfect!  I had actually tried it on in a turquoise color first, but ended up liking the purple one better--plus it was 40% off!! My kind of shopping!  I also found a mint colored sweater and a matching ribbed tank top, since it was a little see-through with a white or black tank top underneath.  Tom told me it was the color of mint-chocolate chip ice cream!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear my black patent leather Jack Rogers with it for graduation..what do you think??

When we got to the Ann Taylor Loft outlet, I knew we were in trouble!  I have stopped going to their normal retail stores, mainly because they always have the same things and the people that work at our local ones never go out of their way to help me (is my money not as good as other peoples? different story; I digress...).  But oh my goodness gracious, the people at the outlet are so friendly and helpful!  Mom, Mattie, and I all racked up on goodies!  I got this cute blue dress (40% off!), a pair of black pants (on sale for $19.99), a new pair of jeans (also $19.99!), a knit black dress, a cute purple sweater, and a beautiful necklace! I was so happy!  I don't know what it is, but the cut of everything there fit really Banana Republic and J. Crew it was weird--some things were way too big and others were way too small...all in the same size...weird, huh?

I promise this dress doesn't look like a tent was hard to get a picture of it, but the band definitely nips in at the waist!
Where are y'alls favorite places to shop for good deals? I honestly hate paying full retail for anything, so I always love hearing about people's bargaining skills!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing a Game of Catchup

Well, my last Spring Break of college is coming to a close.  Tom, Elli, and I had a great time in Virginia with his family...Elli spent almost the entirety of the trip swimming in their pool! It was still way too cold for Tom or me to bust out our swim suits, but the furbaby sure enjoyed swimming!
Tom and me in his parents' backyard...the sun was very bright, I promise we are not normally squinty-eyed!
Little girl asleep in her kennel...the tray in her kennel is cracked so we had to duct tape it and the only kind we had was leopard print so she has a "designer" kennel now!!

We got home on Thursday and had just enough time to get the apartment back in working order and start some laundry.  My mom and sister came down on Friday and we went to the new Tanger Outlets in spring/summer wardrobe is coming together nicely! Maybe I'll post some pictures of my finds--I FINALLY found a pair of white jeans after searching forever!! Yay!!

Speaking of clothes, I am in the process of cleaning out not only my closet, but also the four+ tubs of clothes I have out in the storage unit.  Why, oh why, do I find it necessary to keep clothes that I haven't worn in years?? Do y'all have any places that you like to consign clothes at? My clothes are all in really good condition and are nice labels so I would like to make some money off of them if possible...

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break Has Begun!

Tom, Elli, and I are heading up to Chesapeake, VA today to spend time with his family! The drive is not going to be too bad this time; I finally got around to buying a cassette adapter for my iPod so we can listen to my music (usually we have to surf the radio stations and when you are in the middle of nowhere, there are no radio stations to listen to!).  I have to read Salem's Lot for my Vampires in Literature and Film by the end of Spring Break and I downloaded it on and added it to my iPod so that we can listen to it on the way up there! Tom mentioned when we were picking up our books about how it sounded interesting...well now he can "read" it too!!

I also wanted to let y'all know about some new makeup that I have been trying.  I am a loyal fan of Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer.  I absolutely love it!  However, I recently ran out and went to Sephora to buy more and was astonished to see it costs $42!! I received my last two containers for birthday presents so I had never actually had to pay for it before!  I know that the tube of tinted moisturizer will last me more than a year, but $42 on one thing of makeup is hard for me to spend (especially now that I am on a budget until we get "grown-up" jobs)!  Well, Tom and I went to Target earlier this week and I stumbled across their new line of "E.L.F." I snagged up their $3 tinted moisturizer and $3 bronzer and, so far, I'm in love with it! It doesn't have the same coverage as Laura Mercier but it is good enough for $3!!  I also found the most adorable makeup brushes from Sonia Kashuk while I was cute and they were only $15! I bought two things of makeup and a brush set for about half of what the one product would have cost me! That being said, I will switch back to Laura Mercier if I can get it for a birthday gift or Christmas gift, but until I get a good-paying job, I am going to have to find the budget friendly stuff.  (**I have extremely sensitive skin, so the jury is still out on the elf tinted moisturizer.  I have had some iky skin this week, which I am attributing to being sick, but I will keep you posted! I love the bronzer though, it makes your skin so soft and gives you a good healthy glow without making you turn orange!**)
Here are the brushes I got...
And the makeup...

Do y'all have any go-to makeup products that aren't too expensive? I'm curious to hear your beauty secrets!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick

That's right, as you can tell from the title, I have been sick this week :-( So sick, that I have actually gone to the doctor's office not once, but twice!  I haven't heard back on my blood work from yesterday, but the school's health center told me that they are 90% sure I have another strand of mono! Boo! Mono was a horrible experience the first go-round; I am hoping that that is not what I am sick with!!  But, they did put me on some antibiotics, so hopefully they will start working--especially since spring break is next week!

I have ordered my graduation dress though! I got this lovely from Old Navy--it is so cute in person and reminded me of something from Lilly Pulitzer or J. Crew.  I wanted white, but my cap and gown are maroon and I was afraid that it would bleed on the white dress, so black it was!

I'm not sure the type of shoes that I am going to wear with it, but I do have black Jack Rogers that I may wear just because they are super comfortable! I want to try to find a cute bracelet to wear with it, too! I love this Lilly Pulitzer bracelet in pink or aqua, but I don't know if it is in the budget!

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top 2 Things I've Learned About Relationship

This weeks topic for Top 2 Tuesday over at The Undomestic Momma is the Top 2 Things You've Learned About Relationships.  So without further ado...

1. Patience: I've learned in my three + years with Tom that patience is definitely a major necessity in any relationship.  I'm the type of person that likes things done a certain way and when they aren't done that way it overwhelms me and I can get frustrated and upset.  I have learned that Tom and I aren't the same person and don't operate the same way...if we were it would be like marrying myself!  I have learned to be much more patient with Tom when dealing with anything--from loading the dishwasher to deciding what to eat for dinner.

2. Communication: I know, this is the cliche thing everyone has learned in a relationship, but I am dead serious!  Tom and I had to deal with two summers apart from each other and our relationship was reliant on talking over the phone and text messaging.  I feel like being apart for those months made our relationship flourish--we couldn't just sit next to each other on the couch and just "be" with each other, we had to come up with things to talk about! We learned so much about each other and I am so thankful that we had to deal with a long distance relationship.  I also think that communication, like patience, is important when dealing with frustrations or difficulties within a relationship.  Without good communication skills, relationships can crumble.  However, if you can talk with your significant other about what is bothering you, small problems can be solved before they become major issues!

I'll leave you with a picture of Tom and me from after a party in Charlotte when we stopped at Waffle House to eat...I was not a happy camper at first and was furious at my mom and Mark for making me go there in my pretty dress...turns out it was delicious!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar Dresses

I know this is a couple days late, but I can't resist sharing a couple dresses that absolutely stood out on the red carpet of the Academy Awards. I love watching the red carpet show as well as the actual awards ceremony; I told Tom that they were the Super Bowl of the awards season. He just laughed, rolled his eyes, and let me watch my "Super Bowl."

First off, Mila Kunis in Elie Saab. I love the feminine details with the lace and layering and the color is so girly and pretty :-)

Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein. What can be said? Calvin Klein is just so simple and understated yet so elegant!

Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier. Again, this dress is just so feminine and delicate! I love it! (I also loved her blue dress that she performed in, but couldn't find a picture on the site I was browsing through. But definitely google it if you missed it...breathtaking!)

This is my favorite dress {Rodarte} that Natalie Portman has worn this awards season. The color is just so rich and it fits her so well!

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein. Just like Jennifer Lawrence's dress, this dress is just so simple but it looks amazing!!

And finally, my personal style icon, Ms. Reese Witherspoon in Armani Prive plus a sassy pony tail! A little reminiscent of the vintage dress that Julia Roberts wore several years ago, but I love this dress on her!

What do you guys think?

Someone Thinks She's Sneaky...

We refilled Elli's container of dog food this weekend (we use a gift wrap container for her food; it was skinnier than the dog food containers that Target had and was on clearance after Christmas last year, so hey-it works!) and little miss thought she could sneak some without us noticing...of course we have our priorities in order and had to document it and did not reprimand her! Plus, this was after she "shared" my Chick-fil-a lunch...let's just say after she licks my nuggets I am not going to eat them! Ha!

{Please ignore my awful laugh...but notice that she had to hoist herself up on her back legs and kind of just dangle there to reach her head into the container (Tom didn't get a good shot of that) and it was just cracking me up!! I could just see the container spilling at any second too!!}

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