Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Such a Proud Big Sissy!

Sadly, my work schedule hasn't allowed me the flexibility to be able to keep up with the "hecticness" that is final semester of my senior year and attend family functions that I so wish I could. I made the decision a few weeks ago that my time as a server and bartender had finally come to an end. I needed to allow myself the last few months of my schooling career to enjoy my family, being engaged, and focus on graduating with good grades and enjoying my little family here! So far, I think it has been a great decision. I am way less stressed and actually have time to get all of my work done! And I have been cooking dinner every night! Previously, I had rarely even used my kitchen!

Friday night, Tom and I made the journey over to High Point to my old high school (well K-12, but oh well!) to see my sister cheer in their last home game of the year! I was so proud! When I went to Westchester, I cheered from sixth grade through junior year. My biggest regret is that I did not cheer my final year there, I know I will never be able to change that, but it still hurt :-(.

Cheerleading was probably the highlight of my high school career. I loved all the girls I cheered with and I enjoyed supporting the girls and boys basketball teams. Plus, the boys were really AWESOME when I back to back to back state champions! I know the debate is out there whether or not cheerleading is a sport, but all I am going to say on that issue is that I tore my rotator cuff, had plenty of bloody noses from girls landing on me, chased girls across the gym and caught them on the ground to break their fall, and have seen countless other injuries. I knew that I would much rather make running leaps to save the girls from hitting the floor than have to run laps or do push ups/sit ups if they hit the ground!

{I'm the fourth from the right on the bottom}

{My flyer and me}
{Yes, my hair is crazy corkscrew curly! If we had big games, we would actually wear our rollers to school. Mortifying, I know! Oh, and don't get me started on those itty, bitty over-plucking!}
{She was about to do a jump, but isn't she pretty!! I'm so proud!}

After the games, we went out to eat at a yummy local pizza place. On the way there, Tom burst out laughing and told me I had to pull into the parking lot we were pacing. Without question, I pulled off of the road and wanted to know what was so funny! I looked at the local Badcock and More store and they had some unfortunate light outage (the "B" and the "d"). Needless to say, it was pretty funny! We sure have a mature sense of humor!

Dinner was excellent and my sister and I had the table rolling with laughter telling stories of when we were younger. Mom swears she had never heard any of the stories, but I promise she has! Maybe the "traumatic" events were still too fresh to be funny!
I hope everyone has had a great week!!

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