Monday, February 28, 2011

I Love Surprises!

My day did not start off very well--my back car window would not roll up and when I went around to inspect it, but car door would not open!! It took Tom and I both, one inside pushing on the door and the other outside pulling on the door, to get it to open up!! It looks like a piece of the "innards" of the car had snapped off and gotten lodged in the childlock mechanism...oh Mondays...
Early last week I sold an item on Ebay and ended up getting some extra money in my paypal account. Now I know you can transfer that money into your checking account, but I thought "hey, why not browse around etsy and see what I can find!" Low and behold, I found a microwavable heating pad that was not only cute, but also affordable and had lavender in it (the most relaxing and comforting smell...EVER!). I quickly ordered it and was left with leftover money in my paypal account that I can transfer over into my checking account, being the responsible person I am!
I got confirmation that the package had been shipped out Friday, but I did not expect to find it in my mailbox today when I got home from class!
Adding to that surprise, I also found a package from my grandmother containing the new Real Simple Weddings issue! She said that she had bought it before Tom and I had decided to postpone our wedding, but I am so glad that she sent it to me--I needed some new inspiration to re-vamp my planning!!
I hope everyone had a great Monday!!

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Ashley said...

my Monday wasn't so great either =/ thankfully it is the end of the day! I hope tomorrow is much better for ya!
Yay for surprises and packages =)

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