Thursday, January 6, 2011

Technical Difficulties

So friends, I am sure you have noticed that I have not posted in well over a month. Well, this year I actually got to go home for Christmas break and spend time with family (for the past two years, I have been stuck commuting back and forth between home and here for work). So, needless to say, I took a vacation from my computer, which had been overworked due to two (!) 20+ page papers that I had to turn in at the end of the semester on top of finals! Phew! I didn't realize senior year of college was hard, senior year of high school had been a breeze!

Well, anyway, I came down with the crud over Christmas, which is the worst time in the world to get sick! Mom was a very good nurse, which was why it was nice being home over the break. If I had been in my apartment I would have been miserable with a capital "M". Unfortunately, I was taking both Mucinex DM and Delsym, which have the same active ingredient so I was successfully drugging/getting myself drunk on a daily basis!! Ooops!

After being home for two weeks, I met Tom and his family in Greensboro for the Duke v. UNCG basketball game. We got this amazing deal for 4 tickets for $44 which included drinks and food! Wow! We had to buy two packs because I am the new, though much loved, fifth wheel in their family, but it allowed for us to have "chair buffers" which is always a good things with lots of strangers around you. Unfortunately due to my drugged/drunk state, I don't remember much of the game, let alone the road trip we took up to his house in Virginia and then his grandparents' home in Maryland.
Now to my technical difficulties....

We got back from Virginia on Monday to discover our internet was not working. No big deal, we thought, most times when we get back from vacation we have to turn off our laptops, unplug the router and modem and give it time to reboot. We tried that, then tried it again. Uh oh. Our internet was not working for real this time! So, Tom called the lovely internet providers...they instruct us to unplug and re-plug in the modem and router. Already done that, lady! So we proceed to re-do everything we had been trying to do since we got home. The lady puts us on hold for goodness knows how long only to tell us that it was a problem on their end and that our IP address had been deleted. DELETED. How does that happen? She proceeds to tell us that their service tech is in the area and he would be over soon. Great! Good news! Until she calls us back...he had already left the area and it would be late next week before he could get back! Oh great! So, I have gone four days without internet and I am suffering! I need my and blogger!

So, I promise, I am not dead nor do I still have the crud and my drug induced drunkenness. I am instead in internet purgatory and hope to return to the live internet that I love so much! Cross your fingers we can get a service tech out soon or else switch providers!!

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