Friday, December 30, 2011

Outfit of the Day: December 30, 2011

{cashmere sweater: grace-Christmas}
{jeans: j.crew}
{shoes: toms-Christmas}

{This is a really bad picture! This shirt is much more flattering than it appears in this picture!!}

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading List

I have had this reading list on my sidebar since June, chronicling all of the books that I have read.  Since it is almost the start of a new year, I will be starting my list over to keep up with what I read in the year 2012.

However, I do not want to lose track of ALL the books that I have read/will be reading.  So, this post will be updated with not only the books that I complete, but also a running list of all of the books that I am currently reading and the ones that I want to read in the future.

I hope that I can keep up with this list and that it doesn't get buried in all of my posts!  But, I hate when I go to start reading a book and everything sounds familiar but I can't remember if I have read it or not...does that happen to anyone else??

Reading List {updated 1/22/2012}
1. 10th Anniversary {Completed 6/4}
2. The Help {Completed 6/8}
3. The Secret {Completed 6/21}
4. New Moon {Completed 6/29}
5. Eclipse {Completed 7/9}
6. Breaking Dawn {Completed 7/21}
7. Dead Until Dark {Completed 7/30}
8. Living Dead in Dallas {Completed 8/27}
9. Club Dead {Completed 9/5}
10. Real Murders {Completed 9/11}
11. Strangers {Completed 9/20}
12. Backstage Stuff {Completed 9/24}
13. The Julius House {Completed 9/25}
14. Royal Blood {Completed 9/28}
15. Dead to the World {Completed 10/2}
16. Her Royal Spyness {Completed 10/21}
17. Dead Guys Stuff {Completed 10/23}
18. Dead as a Doornail {Completed 10/30}
19. Definitely Dead {Completed 11/11}
20. Last Scene Alive {Completed 11/21}
21. Royal Flush {Completed 12/2}
22. All Together Dead {Completed 12/7}
23. From Dead to Worse {Completed 12/30}

2012 Reading List {added 2/20/13}

1. Dead and Gone {Completed 1/5}
2. Dead in the Family {Completed 1/23}
3. Dead Reckoning {Completed 3/30}
4. Naughty in Nice {Completed 5/13}
5. A Fool and His Honey {Completed 5/19}
6. Grave Sight {Completed 5/21}
7. 11th Hour {Completed 10/29}
8. Deadlocked {Completed 11/5}
9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone {Completed 11/18}
10. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets {Completed 11/25}
11. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban {Completed 12/1}
12. The Twelve Clues of Christmas {Completed 12/3}
13. Murphy's Law {Completed 12/27}

Any suggestions on good books to add to my list??

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Outfit of the Day: December 29, 2011

{sweater: lands end canvas-Christmas}
{top: h&m}
{skirt: lands end canvas-Christmas}
{tights: target}
{shoes: lands end canvas-Christmas}
{necklace: loft}

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Outfit of the Day: December 28, 2011

{pants: dress barn}
{jacket: betsey johnson--Christmas}
{white long sleeve t-shirt: target}
{flats: tory butch--Christmas}

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Work Christmas Potluck

I completely meant to post this last Thursday, but preparations for Christmas set me back!

My work had their Christmas potluck Thursday.  There was so much yummy food! I brought my mom's chocolate chip and pecan cookies to share...they were a hit! {thanks, mom!}

After lunch, we had a "decorate the provider" fashion show!  I was teamed up with a lady from the business office and a girl from the reception desk to dress up the doctor I work for.  Now, we were a super sedate team.  I am not one to go too crazy, even though I am super competitive and love any good craft!  Earlier in the week, the person who organized the "fashion show" provided each team with a bag of Christmas decorations {ornaments, bows, tinsel...} to use to decorate the provider and we were instructed that we could use these decorations and then anything we could find in the office.

We had the idea to dress our provider up as a Christmas tree.  We instructed him to wear a green shirt and brown pants and we wrapped him in the tinsel and hung snowflakes, ornaments, and tiny stockings that were on our company Christmas tree.

{I blurred out faces to protect the innocent!}

{I do not know why in the world I have such an evil look on my face!}

And...we won!! We were beyond shocked!  It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up and it definitely got us in the Christmas spirit!!


Day Off After Christmas

Since none of us had to work/go to school on Monday, we decided to go to some fun places around the area.  Tom and I have been up here in Virginia since June and have yet to really go out and explore our surroundings!  We live in a very historic area of Virginia, with Jamestown and Williamsburg just around an hour away.  I have done both of those places before, so his family wanted to take us to a historic place that was just a little bit closer to us!

My Outfit of the Day:

{top: target}
{sweater: boutique in my hometown}
{jeans: j.crew}
{shoes: Toms}
{bag: vera bradley in hello dahlia}

My shirt is actually burgundy and my sweater is black, but the flash didn't catch it for some reason!!

Our first stop was the Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe.  Fort Monroe recently closed as an actual fort, even though the museum was always open to civilians.

{The actual fort is surrounded by a moat!!}

{To get in to the fort, we had to go through this itty-bitty tunnel...}
{This is how close we were to the walls of the tunnel!}

As a history major I really enjoyed the museum!  I am so much more of a "how people lived" history buff, as opposed to military history--this museum offered both so it was perfect for everyone in the family!!

{Trevor was almost big enough to have been a solider in the Civil War.  Apparently the average soldier was 5'8" and 140 pounds!}
I love all of these artifacts!!

{We thought this guy looked just like Matthew McConaughey!} 
After going to the Casemate Museum, we stopped by the waterfront to take a few pictures...

Once we left Fort Monroe, we headed to the local Naval Base to see the "big boats."  I was seriously in shock at how huge this ships are!  I mean, seriously y'all, these boats are ginormous!!  I took a few pictures of them...

{look at this seagull!!}

We also got to see some submarines!!  How cool are these??

When we got back from our day out, we settled in to eat leftovers from Christmas dinner! I am so not a leftover girl, but I am hoping that we kill them off soon so we don't eat them all week!! :-)


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 Recap

{Both made with the Red Stamp app for the iPhone...this is such a great app!!}

This Christmas was the first Christmas for Tom, Elli, and I to all spend it together!  Tom and I have been together for four years {fifth Christmas together} and have had Elli for three Christmases.  She spent her first Christmas with me in North Carolina and Christmas last year up here in Virginia with Tom.  Needless to say, yesterday was full of making new traditions for both of us!

Sleepyheads on Christmas morning!
I tried to get a family picture before we went downstairs!  Someone wasn't cooperating!
We woke up early to see what Santa had brought Trevor {Tom's little brother}.  After seeing the Santa presents, we ate coffee cake for breakfast and enjoyed {several} cups of coffee!  My Keurig has been on the counter in the kitchen for all six months of us living here and I have FINALLY hooked Tom's mom on it!  I think we have had more coffee from the Keurig in the past two days than we have for the past six months!

Waiting for breakfast!!
After breakfast, we gave the puppies their first Christmas present.  We recently have discovered that Elli suffers from skin allergies, so we have to watch what kind of treats she gets {no chicken, beef, corn meal...pretty much fish/lamb/sweet potatoes}.  Tom's mom was trying to find something to entertain the dogs while we opened presents at Pets Mart and one of the workers suggested she get to extra large Kongs and fill them with treats she can have and then put peanut butter over the opening and freeze them.  On Christmas Eve, I put together the Kongs for the dogs--regular treats for Simba and special treats for Elli.  They were a huge hit!  I got the biggest kick out of watching them try to eat them...since the peanut butter was frozen, it was nearly impossible for them to get to the treats inside without getting through the peanut butter first!  Plus, they were eating them on the kitchen floor so every time they would lick at the peanut butter, the Kong would spin.  I swear, it doesn't take much to entertain me!

We sat in front of the Christmas tree and opened up presents.  I love buying presents for people; when I'm shopping, I have a list of things in my head that I want to buy for everyone.  I love buying something for someone that I know they are going to love!  I was so excited for everyone to open their presents--some of them I had bought as far back as October and I have been trying so hard to keep them secrets! I have the WORST at keeping presents as secrets--I just get too excited!!

Trevor had been asking and asking for a headset for his PS3--well, Tom and I got it for him for Christmas!  Now we don't have to listen to all of his games anymore...just him talking!  I think it might have been his favorite present...he kind of looks like he is about to land a plan or coach a football game!

Of course, Elli was adorned with a pretty bow {thanks Betsy for putting such beautiful bows on all of our presents...I had to choose the perfect one for her collar!}.  Elli was definitely spoiled for Christmas! Not only did she get a new Kong, she also got a giant rawhide {not on her new special food diet, but it's Christmas!} and so many toys!  And, they were not just from Tom and me! His parents/brother got her so many new toys!  I am a little nervous for what happens in the future when there are grandkids in the picture--we're going to have to rent a UHAUL!

{Simba looked pretty handsome!!}

{Elli loves her rawhide!!}

Mom got Tom and myself Christmas pajamas this year.  She has gotten her, my sister, and I matching pajamas to open on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember and this year Tom got a pair, too!  Of course, his were boyish though!

{Tom's are camouflage with toy soldiers on them}
{Mine are pink paisley!  Please excuse the wet hair and no makeup!  (I think Elli likes to make it in every picture I'm in!!)}
It was definitely hard not being home for Christmas.  But, modern technology made it much easier!  I got to talk to my family and I also skyped with my sister, Dad, Betsy, M, Poppop, Joni, and her kids, which was really fun!

I also got to help cook Christmas dinner.  I made garlic mashed potatoes, green rice, and an apple pie for dessert!  I did not take a picture of the potatoes, but I did manage to snap one of the green rice and apple pie!  Everything turned out so yummy!!

Green Rice

Apple Pie
We finished the night by watching some episodes of Modern Family and turning in early.  We were all so exhausted from the days activities!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, filled with good food and family fun!

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