Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Year Anniversary

Today is Tom and my three year anniversary! I cannot believe that three short years ago, Tom and I had just begun dating. Who would have thought at that time that three years later we would be engaged and planning our lives together?!
I am not sure if I told you the story of our "first" meeting, but I'll share it again. Honestly, it was not the first time that I had met him, but it was the first time that I actually sat down and talked with him for a long period of time...but before I do, I will share with you the first picture that I have of him and me. It was my first Halloween at college, and it is kind of painful to look at--I promise I do not dress like this anymore!

I am on the far right as Alice in Wonderland and Tom is on the far left as who knows what! I asked him what he was supposed to be the other day and he said "I don't know, I just wanted to wear a suit!" The funny thing was I showed this picture to my grandmother and she said that the guy on the end was really cute and that I should date him! Little did I know that only a few weeks later I actually would be dating him!!
A few days after Halloween, the girls in my suite and I decided to go over to Barney (Tom's dorm) to go to a party in his suite. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and I sat and talked with Tom for hours. Unfortunately, campus security heard of the party and came knocking on the door. I was convinced that I was in BIG trouble. As the security men lined us up in the hallway, I kept having to go to the bathroom to guzzle mouthwash so I would not smell like alcohol. While in the bathroom, I started talking to Tom again (who had the painful task of pouring all of the alcohol down the toilet). I apologized profusely about us getting busted and told him that it had to be my fault (why in the world I thought that, who knows!). I told Tom to Facebook message me (NERD--I know!) and let me know what was going on! The girls and I left the suite and went back to ours to contemplate what our fate would be!! Later that night, Tom messaged me and we started talking and that eventually led to us hanging out and then dating!!
I am so thankful that I decided to drag my behind out on that night...if I hadn't maybe Tom and I wouldn't be together now.
Baby, thank you for all the joys you have given me over the past three years. Three years ago, we didn't have an apartment, I didn't have a job, we didn't have our beautiful puppy Elli, and we weren't planning our wedding. I cannot believe all of the life changing events that have happened to us over the past three years, but I cannot wait to find out what the rest of our lives together hold! I love you!

Picture from the Deb Ball, Sophomore Year

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The Wife In Her New Life said...

awww! cute story!! =) Isn't it wonderful to have an amazing man in your life?! =)

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