Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Elli "Bee"

We have called our dog "Elli B" for as long as we have had her, since Belly rhymes with Elli and then we just shorted that to "B". Plus, I love anything with bees on it for some reason- I have a ring, necklaces, hair bobby pins, and limoge boxes all with bees on it.
So, tonight when Tom and I were walking around Target, we happened to be looking through the 75% off Halloween section, we found a bumblebee dog costume!!! We were a little worried because the biggest size they had was a large and Elli is a lab-mix, but a small lab-mix so we took a chance and bought her the costume.
Well, as you can see, momma got a little camera happy, but she is so stinkin' cute!!!

We will DEFINITELY be using this costume next year...I will have to think of what Tom and I can be to go along with it!!

P.S. Even though I posted this last night, it was late so I considered it to be my Thoughtless Thursday post! Have a great Thursday! (I have two tests, ick, so I may not have such a great day but tomorrow's Friday!!)


Miss Southern Vol said...

Oh my goodness is adorable! We had medium size/ slightly bigger retriever mixes too and I love when we find cute costumes that are big enough to fit them! But this is absolutely adorable! Love your blog!!

Aubrey S. said...

I love that you plan to coordinate the family's Halloween costumes around the dog's costume. Our pets, they really do run our lives =)

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