Friday, October 15, 2010

Way to Long Without Posting...

First off, thank you guys for the sweet comments about our engagement pictures! I have been fighting my internet connection trying to get them uploaded to Shutterfly so I can print them off and see how they look in print before we decide which one to run for our announcement in the newspaper (yes I know, you live in a small Southern town when...).

Truth be told though, this week has kicked my booty. We are on the verge of our fall break (thank goodness!) but that also means that in all of my classes this week there has either been a midterm (yuck!) or a paper due (double yuck!). Along with all the wonderful goodness of school this week, my horrible immune system has decided to take an early fall vacation and has left me feeling cruddy!

Right now, Tom is in the other room enjoying my BFF (Stevie the TV, Friends reference) while I'm stuck in the bedroom ATTEMPTING to write my final paper before it is Fall Break! However, this paper is for my science class and since I am a history major science is my cup of tea. I have read five articles about this person I am supposed to be writing about and do not comprehend a darned thing that I have read. Could it be the cold medicine acting up? Probably, but I blame it on my non-science head playing tricks on me!

I can see the light at the end of a long, long tunnel but am fighting it for some reason...I am the world's number one procrastinator. Tomorrow after I turned this stinking paper in to my mean professor (not really mean, he just seems like a monster to me right now!), Tom and I are headed up to his parents' house for a long weekend of relaxation! I am looking so forward to it! I think his parents think he is marrying a narcoleptic because all I ever do up there is sleep- I mean I wake up from a nap, move downstairs, start watching Tom and his brother play video games and I fall asleep on the floor, and then it is time for bed...the best part is Elli has a buddy to play with up there! Tom's childhood dog Simba resides at his parents' home and they are best friends...we mention his name to her and she gets very tail-thumping excited!

This is how the stink heads play!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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