Friday, October 22, 2010

I Want To Go Back Here

I am currently working on shutting down my Facebook (another whole story...pretty much I don't use it for anything else other than wasting time!) and I am copying pictures I have been tagged in or old pictures from before I had this laptop into my iPhoto and have actually enjoyed going through a time warp into my past.

My senior year of high school, my school choir went on our annual spring trip. This year I was extra excited...instead of going to Disney or Williamsburg, we were going on a week-long trip to England, Ireland, and Wales! I was beyond excited! After some begging and pleading, my mom agreed to let me go and my grandparents graciously agreed to fund the trip as my graduation present. What I didn't know was that one week in three COUNTRIES is not enough time to see anything! I only got a little taste of what they had to offer, but I was instantly hooked.

I loved London! We only got a few hours in London to explore after we visited the British Museum (which was remarkable!). My funny story about the trip: I wanted to buy a Burberry purse from the Burberry flagship store in London. I had saved up my money so that I could afford such a luxury and then headed straight to the store, forgoing going into Harrods. I picked out the bag I wanted and headed to the register. (Backstory: The night before, when we had arrived, I had trouble using my debit and credit card but had made an expensive collect call home--$60!!--and hoped that my mom had taken care of the problem) hour later Burberry took care of the problem for me! Apparently, we had not taken the proper precautions of letting the bank and credit card company know that I was traveling out of the country and to allow transactions to occur. The employs at the store were beyond understanding and extremely kind to call the company and work things out for me! I had no idea what to do, I was 17 in a foreign country with no parents with me!!

The entire trip was beyond what I had expected. I loved all the sights, smells, tastes of the amazing countries I visited. Unfortunately, we saw most of the places by bus and that was just not fair! They could have dropped me off and I would have wandered around the cities enjoying everything I could see!

Here are a few pictures of our trip...sadly I have no pictures of just me from the trip. I would do anything for a solo picture of me!

{I'm on the far left on the back row (my head is hardly visible)}
{I'm the second from the right on the second row}
{I am on the first standing row in the bright aqua jacket with my prized Burberry!}

{I am in the center, the girl on the left is my friend since Kindergarten and was my Freshman roommate here at Elon}

Have a great weekend!!!

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Shelli said...

Hey Courtney! My Mom baked the cake and I decorated it. I don't think you want us to make your wedding cake!

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