Wednesday, October 6, 2010

8 Questions!

Sydnal over at Synfully Delicious tagged me for the 8 question here goes!

1. What is your favorite book?

This is a seriously hard question--I read every single chance I get and I love almost everything I pick up!


Back in the day this was my favorite book series! I had read every single Nancy Drew book by the time I was in the forth grade and then went on to read the non-original books about Nancy that were never as good as the originals. I still to this day buy the Nancy Drew computer hat

Continuing on with the mystery book trend, I LOVE this series by James Patterson! It describes how four amazingly talented, strong women solve the case and maintain stellar friendships with each other. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new series!

2. What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about being the best fiance to Tom, the best mommy to my furbaby, Elli, and the best daughter, sister, cousin, niece, and granddaughter possible.

I am also passionate about hopefully being a teacher next year. It took me all four years of college to finally nail down that I want to teach and I just pray that I am fortunate enough to find a teaching position teaching history after I graduate. I feel that history is an extremely underrated class in high school and being a history major, I want to show my passion about this subject and hopefully inspire students to be as passionate about the subject as I am!

3. What is something you would learn how to do?

I want to learn how to knit (something besides a simple scarf), sew (other than re-attaching buttons), draw (other than stick figures), crochet (something that I regret not getting my great-grandmother to teach me), and anything else crafty that I do not already know how to do! I love scrapbooking and design!

4. Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Umm...well without the chicken you couldn't have the egg, but without the egg you couldn't have a chicken. Honestly, I believe the chicken came first but it hurts my head to think about!

5. What is your favorite leisure activity?

I love my DVR! Without my DVR, I honestly think I would never watch TV. Right now I only have 11 hr HD recording time left or 71 hr SD recording time left; luckily, we have an old TV so our only recording is SD (Sadly, this time amount is only after I deleted tons of old shows and limited the number of episodes of Law and Order SVU, Matlock, and The View it could save! (I sound like an old woman)

Other than TV, I like reading, playing with my furbaby, and spending time with Tom. Especially if we get to go shopping somewhere!

6. Describe a time you got in trouble.

Technically, this is a time I did not get in to trouble, but it is a very funny story and coincidentally the story of how I met Tom. I went to a party in his suite and proceeded to spend the rest of the night talking with Tom and getting to know him. However, our night at the party only lasted maybe 2 hours because campus police busted in and proceeded to make everyone either be breathalyzed or written up. Luckily, Tom and his suitemates vouched that I wasn't drinking (since I didn't realize that there was a breathalyzer) and I ended up not having to pay a fine to the University and do restitution hours. However, it was the night that I got to know Tom, received his phone number, and began "talking." Now, almost three years later, it is our beloved story of how we met!

7. What about your personality do you wish you could change?

Well, I would be more adventurous and outgoing. When I am in class or at work, I am probably the most soft-spoken person there. I really want to start speaking up for what I want and offering my ideas in my classes. Slowly, I am starting to talk more in my classes, especially my English class I am in, and it is very exciting for me!

Also, I have a quick temper that I really need to work on. It is such a jump from me being soft-spoken to full-on hulking out but trust me, it happens.

8. What are you vain about?

I am vain about what I wear and how I look. Now don't get me wrong, I don't go to school in ball gowns or "dressed to the nines" but I also don't go out in work-out clothes or sweat pants. When I am around my apartment I immediately dress in my comfy clothes, but when I am out in public I am at least wearing jeans and a cute top and shoes. I also prefer to have a little makeup on- I have never been one to wear a ton of makeup but I do like to at least have on a little powder, blush, and mascara before I greet the world! (I don't want to scare them early in the morning, even though it is October: the month of Halloween!!)

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Have a Happy Wednesday!

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Ashley said...

OK we should so know each other -- I LOVE that James Patterson series and reading further into your blog, I LOVE the same renditions on the songs on gLee!!
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding =) I look forward to reading more!
PS: I found you through Mrs Vid {to be}'s blog =)

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