Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses

I have recently been following Mrs. Vid {to be} and she had the wonderful idea of doing Wedding Wednesday. So, after prompting from my cousin (and bridesmaid) I too will be partaking in the fabulousness of Wedding Wednesday.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am definitely going to use hydrangeas as the flowers in my wedding. Being a Southern girl, I have grown up loving hydrangeas and I have always known that I will use them in my future wedding.

However, using the extremely colorful flowers poses a problem for the bridesmaid dresses. The color of hydrangeas varies from flower to flower so I am afraid that if I choose a light purple or light blue/aqua dress that the flowers will end up clashing with the dresses. I am thinking that I will dress my girls in a dress that is either: 1-black, 2- silver, or 3- pewter. Also, by putting them in a "neutral" color will make the flowers absolutely P-O-P!

I am looking forward to next Saturday when my mom, sister, aunt, and cousin will all make the trek over to David's Bridal to begin trying on flower girl dresses (yay!), bridesmaids dresses (double yay!!), and wedding dresses (quadruple yay!!!!).

I have been doing some research today and found several bridesmaid dress styles that I love, I just need to see them on the girls before I make my "final" pick!! :-)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

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Mrs.Vid said...

Dress shopping is SO much fun! :) Enjoy it.

Have you thought about using white hydrangeas? And pulling the dramatic colors in through other flowers? I do love the idea of a pewter or silver colored dress and bright vibrant flowers! Sounds gorgeous!

Thanks for the shout out :) A lot of blogging brides are doing Wedding Wednesday. It's a great way to catch your followers up AND to hold yourself accountable in the planning. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or are looking for blogs for inspiration. I'm loving a few right now!

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