Friday, September 3, 2010

Planning a Wedding is Hard!

I am starting to get a little overwhelmed when it comes to starting to plan a wedding. I don't know where to start and I have a million and one thoughts spinning throughout my head.

So far I know...

1- I want my flowers to be some sort of combination of hydrangeas and some other flower. I like the blue-purple color of hydrangeas instead of the pink-purple so this will dictate the colors of my bridesmaid dresses.

2- Colors: I want to use a light purple/light blue color for the dresses to echo the colors of the hydrangeas. However, I also want to use an aqua color as well as maybe a butter yellow color.

3- We are attempting to book the church for June 18 but the date has to be approved by the "session" and they won't meet until the end of September so I am crossing my fingers that the date is available for us! If not, we are pretty flexible for the entire month of June, but I know that June is a big wedding month and I just hope we get the weekend!

4- I am going to try on wedding gowns on the 25th with my mom and sister, Mattie. Mattie is one of my bridesmaids and will probably try on a few bridesmaids dresses so we can start to get an idea on style/color.

And that, my blog friends, is pretty much all I know so far!

I do have a question, how much did you keep your fiance in the loop? Did you let them see the wedding dress you chose? Or the bridesmaids dresses?

Have a great weekend!


Mrs.Vid said...

Just found your blog! I am too planning my wedding and have been planning for 10 months. You're right, it is VERY hard. It does have it's fun moments though :) Good luck, congratulations and happy planning!!

Miss Southern Vol said...

OK so I know this is an ald post but I found it and had to comment! I just got married a few months ago. My fiance lived in St. Louis while I was in nashville planning our wedding. SometimesI tried to keep him in on everything but TRUST me as you get further and further into wedding planning its just easier to do it and and manage yourself then trying to talk to the fiance try to make him understand the concepts of a wedding and everything inbetween! haha I know this sounds not nice but at times it comes down to survival in the wedding planning journey :)

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