Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Weekend

We have had an extremely lazy weekend! I worked Friday night and Saturday night and am heading off to work in a few minutes, but other than that, Tom and I have been taking it easy and only running a few errands.

My sweet angel relaxing on her "bed"

I also finally got around to hanging some cute prints of black labs in our hallway. Please excuse my outfit, only having class two days a week means I spend the other days in my comfy clothes!

And, yes, Elli like Momma to hold her like the baby she thinks she is!

All in all, it is probably good that we had a relaxing weekend because this week all of my favorite television shows come back!! My DVR will be working full-force and I will be enjoying many shows, including: GLEE!, Grey's Anatomy!, Bones!, and most importantly How I Met Your Mother!!

What are you guys looking forward to as the fall lineup returns?

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