Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday

It's Thoughtless Thursday again! This week I'm going to focus on the very eventful day that I had on Saturday. Mom, Mattie, Judy, and Cousin Kelly ventured over to the nearby David's Bridal looking for a wedding dress for me. Low and behold we didn't just find my dress...we found the bridesmaids dresses AND the flower girl dress! We were very busy on Saturday. All I can say is that I am very relieved to have the dress shopping behind me, even though that was the part that was the most exciting! It was just overwhelming thinking about all I have to do before the wedding (and graduation)!

Here are the dresses we decided on, minus the most important one because I don't want Mr. Tom to see it! The first dress is the flower girl dress that we decided on and it will be in the color of the aqua dress below (that's my lovely sissy in the aqua dress and my cute cousin K in the flower girl dress). The aqua isn't quite so bright in person, Mom's flash was going crazy!

Have a great Thursday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Weekend

We have had an extremely lazy weekend! I worked Friday night and Saturday night and am heading off to work in a few minutes, but other than that, Tom and I have been taking it easy and only running a few errands.

My sweet angel relaxing on her "bed"

I also finally got around to hanging some cute prints of black labs in our hallway. Please excuse my outfit, only having class two days a week means I spend the other days in my comfy clothes!

And, yes, Elli like Momma to hold her like the baby she thinks she is!

All in all, it is probably good that we had a relaxing weekend because this week all of my favorite television shows come back!! My DVR will be working full-force and I will be enjoying many shows, including: GLEE!, Grey's Anatomy!, Bones!, and most importantly How I Met Your Mother!!

What are you guys looking forward to as the fall lineup returns?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great Movies for Thoughtless Thursday!


It's Thoughtless Thursday over at Life in the Fulmer Lane and lately Tom and I have had a lot of time to spend together and we have actually made time to stay at home and catch up on movies!



This movie is hysterical! It is probably one of the first movies in a long time that I have laughed so hard my stomach hurts! I highly recommend this movie and it is worth renting!



This movie was really cute! Not as funny as Date Night, but still has its moments that are hilarious! I again highly recommend this film!



Killers is a great movie! My sister and I actually went and saw it this summer while it was in theaters, but Tom and I rented it last night and it was just as funny the second time through!



This movie scared me to death! It is not really a horror film, but it was a very high anxiety film and sometimes those movies are worse! This film was a lot like Quarantine and I enjoyed that it wasn't as predictable as most horror films.



Finally, this movie is an old favorite of ours. If you haven't seen this movie, run-don't walk- to Target and buy it and watch it! (It's only $5.00!) This movie is full of funny one liners, zainy schemes, and all around a great film!

Now, go watch some good movies!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful Thoughts on a Thoughtless Thursday

It's Thoughtless Thursday over at Life in the Fulmer Lane! For one of my classes, we had to read the play "Our Town." I read this play back in freshman year of high school, but it is amazing how differently I interpret this play as a college senior right when I am about to start a new chapter in my life as graduating and getting married! The moral of the play is that if you spend your whole life focusing on the big picture, then you waste away many precious "little moments" that you can never get back. Pretty much what my mom is always telling me: "stop putting the cart before the horse."

I thought this quote was beautiful and really spoke to me, mainly because Tom and I are approaching our three year anniversary and it is amazing to think about all the changes in the big picture while we have been focusing on our own little picture. Three years means a lot of change!

"Three years have gone by.

Yes, the sun's come up over a thousand times.

Summers and winters have cracked the mountains a little more and the rains have brought down some of the dirt.

Some babies that weren't even born before have begun talking regular sentences already; and a number of people who thought they were right young and spry have noticed that they can't bound up a flight of stairs like they used to, without their hearts fluttering a little.

All that can happen in a thousand days.

Nature's been pushing and contriving in other ways, too: a number of young people fell in love and got married."

Have a fabulous Thoughtless Thursday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses

I have recently been following Mrs. Vid {to be} and she had the wonderful idea of doing Wedding Wednesday. So, after prompting from my cousin (and bridesmaid) I too will be partaking in the fabulousness of Wedding Wednesday.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am definitely going to use hydrangeas as the flowers in my wedding. Being a Southern girl, I have grown up loving hydrangeas and I have always known that I will use them in my future wedding.

However, using the extremely colorful flowers poses a problem for the bridesmaid dresses. The color of hydrangeas varies from flower to flower so I am afraid that if I choose a light purple or light blue/aqua dress that the flowers will end up clashing with the dresses. I am thinking that I will dress my girls in a dress that is either: 1-black, 2- silver, or 3- pewter. Also, by putting them in a "neutral" color will make the flowers absolutely P-O-P!

I am looking forward to next Saturday when my mom, sister, aunt, and cousin will all make the trek over to David's Bridal to begin trying on flower girl dresses (yay!), bridesmaids dresses (double yay!!), and wedding dresses (quadruple yay!!!!).

I have been doing some research today and found several bridesmaid dress styles that I love, I just need to see them on the girls before I make my "final" pick!! :-)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Elon Football Game

This past Saturday, Tom and I had the opportunity to go to the Elon v. Duke football game. We had such a great time! Of course, Elon did not win but we still managed to enjoy the game and the newly, but short lived, cooled off temperatures. Today I am suffering from an awful sore throat as a consolation prize but it was well worth it in my book! Now, if only Tom could get me to completely understand football so he isn't constantly having to explain things to me :-) (I think he secretly likes having to explain sports to me!)

Here are a few pictures from the night:

Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Planning a Wedding is Hard!

I am starting to get a little overwhelmed when it comes to starting to plan a wedding. I don't know where to start and I have a million and one thoughts spinning throughout my head.

So far I know...

1- I want my flowers to be some sort of combination of hydrangeas and some other flower. I like the blue-purple color of hydrangeas instead of the pink-purple so this will dictate the colors of my bridesmaid dresses.

2- Colors: I want to use a light purple/light blue color for the dresses to echo the colors of the hydrangeas. However, I also want to use an aqua color as well as maybe a butter yellow color.

3- We are attempting to book the church for June 18 but the date has to be approved by the "session" and they won't meet until the end of September so I am crossing my fingers that the date is available for us! If not, we are pretty flexible for the entire month of June, but I know that June is a big wedding month and I just hope we get the weekend!

4- I am going to try on wedding gowns on the 25th with my mom and sister, Mattie. Mattie is one of my bridesmaids and will probably try on a few bridesmaids dresses so we can start to get an idea on style/color.

And that, my blog friends, is pretty much all I know so far!

I do have a question, how much did you keep your fiance in the loop? Did you let them see the wedding dress you chose? Or the bridesmaids dresses?

Have a great weekend!

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