Monday, August 30, 2010

Other People are Crazy About Dogs, Too!

I am a bit obsessed with my dog. For example, when she was a little 20 lb. puppy it was cute for her to ride on my lap in the car. Now, however, she is 65 lbs and still rides on my lap. If I make her get in the back seat, she just sits there and looks at me with her big brown eyes as if she is saying, "Momma, why did you put me back here? I ride in da front seat!" Even though it is ridiculous, I let her back on my lap.

Yesterday morning, Tom and I went to get breakfast at Biscuitville and of course Elli came along for the ride. At the window, they asked if she wanted a dog biscuit, to which I responded sure! I assumed it would be like when she goes to the bank with me and she gets a dog bone. However, Biscuitville upped the ante! They gave Elli an actual biscuit shaped like a dog bone. When I handed it to Elli she just kept it in her mouth- she didn't bite at it or chew on it. It was like she thought the biscuit was poison or something! However, once I broke it up and fed it to her in pieces she absolutely loved it! Way to go Biscuitville! It is great that there are places that cater to dog-lovers!

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