Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And Then There Was...Well Were 20...

Today I am fighting my urge to be the total procrastinator I am and actually finish my 25 page research paper two days early. I am the girl that waits until the final possible hours to churn out the required page amount/word limit and receive the ever so suitable grade of a B-...not quite good enough for the B+/A- range but not bad enough for the C/C+ range so a good grade in my book. However, it is currently 11:08 PM and I am writing a blog post instead of flushing out the topic of the Greensboro Woolworth Lunch Counter Sit-ins and how they were extremely influential for not only North Carolina but also for the entire South. I am 5 pages down, with 20 more to go. I have the entire paper outlined, I just need to, as Nike famously state, Just Do It! Once this paper is completed I will be one paper and two midterms away from being a full fledged Senior at good ol' Elon!!! Wish me luck!

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