Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Day Post

I originally wanted to do a Valentine's Day post on or before Valentine's Day but with how busy work was I did not get around to it until now, which is very belated! However, I feel that Valentine's Day should be every day and that you should celebrate your love every day!
My most memorable Valentine's Day would be my first V-day with Tom. It was February 13th and we were spending the night studying away in the library (You see before I started working, I actually had time to study!). We left the library just after midnight (so now it was Valentine's!) and it had begun snowing lightly across the campus. We spent the next two hours walking around the campus and having a few snowball fights all the while taking photographs so we could always remember that night! Here is my favorite shot of the night...you can even see a snowflake falling right in front of Tom's eye!

This year, Tom and I had a very low-key Valentine's Day (we celebrated the Saturday before because I had to work all day on V-day!). We just went to a late lunch at Moe's (it is our favorite restaurant, don't laugh, I know it's not very romantic but it's so darn good!) and watched movies at home.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and I hope that you spend every day being appreciative that you have found someone that makes every day Valentine's day!

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