Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello Blog World!

I am going to try out this blogging thing and see where it takes me. I feel like this is going to be a good outlet so my friends and family can see what is going on with my life since I am not as close to home as I would like to be!

So, to catch everyone up, here are 10 things about me that you should know, if you already don't!
  1. I think my puppy is the cutest, smartest, and most loving dog in the world! Elli came to us as an underfed, scared puppy and we have turned her into a healthy, potty trained, 65-pound one-year old dog. She can sit, shake with her right then her left paw, lay down, "show me her belly," and then roll "all the way" over (even though she does not like the latter, but we are working on it!)
  2. I am very family-oriented! Even though I am no longer living in the same town as pretty much all of my family, I am in constant contact with them. From sweet cards from my grandmother, to constant phone calls from my daddy, to surprise visits from my mom, I always feel very connected and loved by my large family.
  3. I have worked at Outback Steakhouse for over a year now and I have lost all taste for any kind of steak! I used to want steak at least once a week and now I can hardly stand the sight or the smell!! (Their salads are really good though, so I guess I have a healthier alternative now!)
  4. I am so lucky to have found my boyfriend, Tom. Over the past two years that we have been together, I have realized that not only have I found my best friend, but I have also found the person that I can rely on to tell me when I am being absolutely ridiculous, ESPECIALLY when I am constantly taking on my "apartment-improvements" than I can handle.
  5. I LOVE Target! I mean, I unnaturally love Target! Luckily, I live in very close proximity to the Target in my city, so I can satisfy my constant need to go make sure that the items I am "watching" have not gone on sale yet! Leading me to my next point...
  6. I LOVE shopping sales! Tom will tell you, I hardly ever buy anything that is full-priced. If I ever do break down and buy something that at full retail-price, I will kick myself when I go back to the store later and see that it has been discounted by 75%! So, I try, try, try not to ever pay full price for any item!
  7. I have a problem "stalking" celebrity news websites. I am the person in the checkout line that is feverishly reading the latest "People Magazine" or other silly "news" magazine for the latest gossip in Hollywood.
  8. I have a Twitter account but I do not use it. Instead, I use it to follow my favorite celebrities to see what their daily lives are like. Surprisingly, despite their much larger bank accounts than I could ever dream of, their lives are not much different than my own.
  9. I am a very loving and emotional person. I cannot go see dramas or watch any news report that has potential to pull at my heartstrings. The animal cruelty commercials are the worst! If Tom does not change the channel quickly, I will immediately start tearing up!
  10. I count my lucky stars every day for the fateful meeting of Tom and myself and then the addition of little Elli Belly into our lives. I am a very fortunate person to have found everything I could have ever dreamed of at a relatively young age and know exactly what I want in my life and appreciate that I have an "old soul" for my 20-year-old self!

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