Thursday, March 1, 2018

Disney World Trip (With a Six Month Old!)

This post has been a long time coming!  First things first--this is not going to be a crazy guide to the parks.  I am no professional when it comes to Walt Disney World--I am just a girl that loves Disney and wanted to jump at an opportunity to take my baby to the park!  People thought we were crazy taking Charlie to Disney when he was so young (how many times did we hear "But he won't remember it!!"--ugh!), but we knew that our memories would last us a lifetime and we would have pictures and stories to share with Charlie when he gets older.  Plus, it is not going to be our only trip there with him!

So, how did this idea come to life?  Tom's parents have a time share in Orlando and mentioned that they were thinking about going down in September.  I joked that since I wasn't working, Charlie and I could go with them.  Then, Tom and I got to thinking.  He had a few days off he could take, it wasn't his busy time of the year yet, and we could just drive down a few days after they got down there so we wouldn't be there the whole week.

Once we decided that we were going to go, I started trying to get a reservation at Chef Mickey's for breakfast.  After about a month of trying, I was finally able to get a brunch reservation for Tom's parents, Tom, Charlie, and me.  It wasn't an ideal time for us to go (it was at 2:00 or 2:30), but I really wanted to go there so that Charlie could "meet" Mickey and friends!

I also did a little research to see what rides we could go on with Charlie.  Turns out, he could go on tons of rides--basically everything except roller coasters!  Again, I am not an expert--there are tons of resources out there to guide you in the right direction!

When we got down to Orlando, we were sad to find out that Tom's dad had come down with some sort of tummy issue and wouldn't be able to go with us to Disney.  Tom's mom decided to stay with him to make sure he wouldn't need her to go get medicine or take him to the doctor, so our trip to the park quickly went from one baby and four sets of hands to help, to only two sets!  We definitely started wondering what we were getting ourselves in to!

Once we got over the fear of not having extra help at Magic Kingdom, I got on the Disney Parks website to see if by chance I could change our reservation for Chef Mickey's.  This is something I definitely recommend doing--people have to cancel their reservations 24 hours in advance or else they will be charged for missing their reservation.  As luck would have it, a reservation for 9:00 AM had come open for the next day and I was able to switch ours out!  I knew that this would work out so much better for our schedule and it meant that Charlie wouldn't get overly tired at the park and then be grumpy at the restaurant.

We got to the parking area super early--the only closer parking than what we got was the handicap lot!  We almost didn't allow enough time for travel within the park--I figured since it was so early we would be okay, but the monorail we were on kept having technical difficulties!

When we finally arrived at Chef Mickey's, we were quickly ushered through the line for a picture at the beginning and then seated.  We took turns sitting with Charlie at the table (his first time in an actual highchair!) while the other went through the buffet to grab some food.  I actually missed the Mickey waffles--but Tom grabbed one!

I was nervous that when the characters came around, Charlie would get upset.  Turns out--he LOVED them!  I really wish that Tom's parents could have been there so that we both could have gotten in the pictures.  We will still treasure the ones we have!!

After breakfast, we took our time boarding the monorail and riding to the Magic Kingdom.  The park was already crowded and we didn't have any fast passes.  Our main goal was just to enjoy the day--not rush around trying to ride every ride or see every show.  We walked down Main Street USA and popped in some shops.  One souvenier I really wanted to pick up was Mickey ears with Charlie's name on them--I was so happy to finally get them!

We then headed to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, but it broke down right when we got there.  We then decided to head to try Haunted Mansion.  So, Charlie's first ever ride was Haunted Mansion and he really liked it!

Since the wait time for most rides were at least 30 minutes, I decided it was a good time to try to nurse Charlie.  One thing Disney does right is they have a great Baby Care Area.  From what I have read, they have one in each park.  Inside, they have a darkened nursing room with comfortable chairs, a room with highchairs for feeding, a room with changing tables, and a store to buy things you may have forgotten.

After Charlie finished eating, we decided to try to get some pictures of us in front of the castle.  One of the best things we did that day was buy the photopass.  It meant that we both got to be in pictures and they are some of the best pictures of our family!

We then went on the Peoplemover which I think may have been all of our favorites!  Charlie loved the wind whipping through his hair!  I wish we would have gone back and ridden it for a second time.

After the Peoplemover, we decided to try out Pirates of the Caribbean again.  Luckily, it was open again and we waited for about 40 minutes to ride.  Charlie enjoyed the ride--he was so funny on the little drop, he gasped when we went down and then laughed when we reached the bottom of the drop.  He is so my child!  He ended up falling asleep during the ride, so I carried him out and we set him in his stroller for a nap.

We walked over to Ariel's Undersea Adventure and decided to ride it.  I held him during the wait in line and he ended up sleeping throughout the entire ride!  Kid is a heavy sleeper!

After we finished with the ride, we were both getting very tired from carrying Charlie around and the heat was pretty brutal that day.  We decided we would ride one more ride and call it a day.  We walked over to Small World and waited in line--all while Charlie still slept!  He ended up waking up halfway through the ride and screamed with all his might until he realized where we were and then ended up enjoying the ride.  We decided to go ahead and head back to the condo--we took the boat back across to the parking area.  We love taking the boat back; it's such a leisurely trip after a hectic park day!

Looking back on our trip five months later, I am so happy with all that we were able to accomplish with a six month old.  Yes, I wish we could have gone at our normal break-neck speed through the park and ride every single ride.  BUT, this trip was not about riding the rides.  It was about introducing our baby to the happiest place on Earth.  Between meeting Mickey and Friends at breakfast, riding a few rides, doing a ton of diaper changes in the Baby Care Area, enjoying a Dole Whip, and taking some family pictures--we had a VERY full and fun day!  The only thing that we would have changed is taking more bottles of water into the park--we underestimated how HOT it was going to be that day and water is EXPENSIVE in the park!  But honestly, that is the only thing I would have changed.  It was a magical day and I am already dreaming of when we can go back!

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